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2005 -2010 Honda Odyssey dash bulb replacement

Pobierz 2005 -2010 Honda Odyssey dash bulb replacement w jakości 320 kbps !!! - bez logowania - za darmo

Taken from Credit to J.C.
Other than swapping a few blue bulb covers, the Mouser bulbs were direct replacement.... part #'s listed below.

Mouser JKL CNW1-23 14V 40mA 8mm will replace:
Hazard switch light
Passenger Airbag
Dome light switch
VSA Off backlight
Parking Sensor backlight
Power tailgate backlight (on dash)

Mouser JKL CNW1-7219 14V 60mA 8mm will replace:
Seat heater HIGH/LOW indicators
Parking Sensor ON/OFF indicator
Pedal Height switch backlight
Rear power tailgate button (on rear hatch)
Sunroof switch backlight
Seat heater backlight (substitute bulb; OEM is 80mA; see below)

Mouser JKL DNW1-DW07 14V 80mA 10mm will replace:
Front Climate Control button lights (grey)
Rear Climate Control button lights (grey

JKL JNW1-JW07 14V 80mA 8mm will replace: (not carried by Mouser)
Honda OEM 35853-SHJ-A01
Seat heater backlights (OEM bulb)

Honda OEM 79607-SHJ-S01
Front climate control LCD panel (black)
Rear climate control LCD panel (black)